I work from photographs. The more photos I get, the better. This way, it gives me an idea of the subject in a  3D perspective and the character of the subject tends to show better. However, if you only have one picture, I can often work from that as well. Please note that I might refuse a commission if the photographs are not good reference enough for a good painting (blurry, too far, not enough light contrast, etc.). If you live in the Greater Victoria, I can also go take pictures of the subject and get better acquainted.

The first step is to agree on a size and type of portrait (head, half body, full) and the type of background as well as any other detail that is important to the client. 

Then I will make a rough mock up of the painting with a photo editor (that's how I sketch!). I will keep touching it up until we agree on the final sketch.

After we are set on a final sketch, I will send you a commission contract. We will have discussed the points of the contract by email before I send the final copy. This includes specifications of the painting, framing, copyright, time frame, delivery, etc. An initial deposit of 25% of the total price of the commission is required at the signature. I can take payments through Paypal, credit card or e-transfer.

Once the work is done, the client  pays the remaining 75%  and the paintings will be delivered as previously agreed. If you are not satisfied with the painting, I will keep the art and the initial 25% deposit but there will be not further obligation on the client’s part.




Commission prices 2019

Acrylics on stretched deep exhibition canvas


Smaller sizes

8 x 8: 160$

8 x 10: 180$

10 x 10: 200$

 12 x 12: 265$

  11 x 14: 275$

 12 x 16: 360$  

 14 x 18: 410$ 

  16 x 16: 410$ 

16 x 20: 450$

- Specific background +25$

- Extra person / pet +50$ (only above 14 x 18 and only one extra)


Bigger sizes

20 x 20: 530$

18 x 24: 550$

20 x 24: 580$

 22 x 28: 750$

24 x 30: 810$

24 x 36: 890$

30 x 30: 890$

30 x 40: 1030$

36 x 48: 1225$

-Specific background +75$

-Extra person / pet +100$ (per extra)

Important note:

*Prices are indicative and can vary depending on numerous factors to be discussed between the artist and the client prior to contract agreement.

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