Kathy Dufour

I work in my home studio on the rooftop of our building in Cook Street Village in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia.

I have been working with glass since 2004 and, until our move from Quebec City to Victoria in 2014. Glass has been a big part of my life! But, when we moved,  I was ready for a change.

I went back to my first artistic love: painting. Years ago (about 2001), I dabbled for a few months in oils and pastels. This time, I decided to try acrylics. I was hooked by the immediacy of that medium.

I hope to eventually merge both love and create mix media pieces that combine both glass and acrylics. In the meantime, I will keep working on my skills and keep on learning.

Life is an ever learning process!

Artistic Statement

Our world fascinates me. Whether it is an animal, a person or a scene, the endless forms, colours, interactions and quirkiness are a bottomless source of inspiration. It is important for me to make a connection through the eyes of my subject, to relate to a scene in which you can transpose yourself or to anthropomorphise interactions of the animal world to help us empathise with them.

I want to depict the fragility of our environment and of our society through snippets of beauty in order to convey the importance of protecting and preserving what we have and what we are.

The spontaneity of acrylics allow me to quickly dive into my subject while allowing me to use vibrant, richly saturated colours that enhance how I see the world and let me share that vision.